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How far in advance should I book?


The Galapagos Islands have become a popular destination with many visitors. We recommend you book your trip at least 6 months prior to your planned date of departure, and even a year ahead for holiday seasons (Easter, Christmas and New Year, and May-July); particularly when you have special requests.


Simply put: you have more options, more preferences and guarantees, although not everything can be guaranteed; see What can never be guaranteed if you book a Galapagos cruise?


  • You stand a better chance of following that special route and visiting those islands that are most interesting to you; and seeing particular animals.
  • The yacht of your choice is more likely to be available on your preferred dates (especially for charters).
  • You stand a better chance that your favourite cabin on the yacht (such as a single or double, or on a preferred deck) is still available.



What can never be guaranteed if you a book a Galapagos cruise?


Although you book well in advance and we try to organise everything smoothly, there will always be certain aspects of your visit that can never be guaranteed, such as:


  • Whether you will see certain species (especially rare or seasonal animals)
  • The weather
  • A smooth or a rough sea
  • Departure and arrival times of your flights
  • The followed route (subject to change)
  • Which guide or cook are on your tour (both work freelance)
  • Number of passengers on the yacht (unless you charter a yacht; but never more than 16 guests)
  • Composition of the group of passengers on-board (unless you charter the yacht)



Is there a minimum number of passengers required?


No, we don’t require a minimum number of passengers. Once you have booked you can be sure that your cruise will go ahead, and with us you don’t run the risk of being overbooked to another yacht (except for exceptional circumstances of force majeure, in which case we will offer you an adequate alternative).



How long before do I have to pay, and is my payment guaranteed?


Please consult your agency. Every agent and each country have their own policies.


What does my cruise rate include, and what is not included?


What is included?


Is the air fare included?


The most common way to get to the Galapagos Islands is by air. The ticket is not included, but we can issue the tickets. Your flight space to the Galapagos is automatically guaranteed for all bookings made one month prior to departure or earlier. For a cruise booked at shorter notice we will reserve the flights as well. The airfare is subject to change; we will provide you with the rate the moment you book.


We strongly recommend that you book your flight at the same time as your cruise to be sure that you will arrive with the other passengers, and don’t miss the transfer to the yacht and/or part of the programme (even when delayed). Airport-yacht-airport transfers in the Galapagos and airport assistance in Quito are only included if the flight has been booked with the local cruise operator. Otherwise an additional airport transfer will have to be booked. If a flight delay occurs, an additional speedboat may have to be hired at your own expense – in cash – to bring you to our yacht.


Can we charter a Galapagos cruise yacht with just our family or group?


Of course you can, but it must be booked well in advance! Please consult your agency for tariffs and dates that have not been blocked off yet. Due to National Park regulations you cannot take more than 16 passengers.


Can I book a single cabin or suite?


Of course you can, but we will have to charge an additional fee to cover the operational costs. Single passengers that are willing to share their cabin with another person of the same sex, NEVER PAY an additional single supplement fee, including if no roommate has booked. We will arrange for you to share with a person of the same sex.


Can I request a specific cabin?


On the Galapagos Islands it is common for your cabin to be assigned upon arrival on-board. With us you can request a specific cabin on our yacht if available; so please book well in advance. Individual travellers share their cabin with somebody of the same sex, unless they have booked a single supplement for a single cabin.


Does the kitchen offer special meals if I have any dietary requirements?


Yes, in case you have vegetarian or other dietary requirements, you can have different meals at no extra cost. Please let us know at least 30 days in advance, so we can take care of it.


Should I purchase travel insurance?


Yes, we thoroughly recommend taking out travel insurance before departing on your holiday.


What happens if I cancel my cruise?


For cancellations up to 61 days prior to departure, 30% of the total amount paid will be retained as a penalty fee. If cancelled 60 or less days prior to departure 100% of the total tour rate is forfeited. If you cancel up to 121 days prior to departure we will charge you a non-refundable fee of US$ 100 pp.

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