Welcome to Galapagos aboard our stable motor catamaran

We realize that it may be quite overwhelming to choose a Galapagos cruise, and expect that our website is helpful to you. Your quest for best yacht, cruise route or season is only a little different than the challenges that pioneer species encounter on the islands. The trick is to find the ecological niche that best suits your individual requirements and capabilities. Now that you have found us, we hope further research is no longer necessary.


Our stable seaworthy catamaran is considered one of most intimate cruise options at present of the Galapagos Islands. It is the perfect choice if you appreciate private comfort or if you dread seasickness; whether traveling single or for your romantic getaway! The inviting ambience of your comfortable cabin with inspiring sea view, and a maximum number of only 16 international guests, may turn your naturalist cruise into a personal experience.


Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and many others. We make sure that 'Survival of the fittest' is observed, and not experienced!


Optimal use of your scarce time in Galapagos

Our active naturalist cruise programs are most efficient way to make optimal use of your scarce time in Galapagos; combining evening or nocturnal displacements with at least two excursions per full day; and usually even an extra activity such as a dinghy-ride or snorkelling. These activities are conducted by best English-speaking naturalist guides.


Alternative island-based day tours (‘island hopping programs’) loose a lot of time in moving back and forth, often by uncomfortable speedboat, and can visit generally only one closer site a day (at noon). Meanwhile the Treasure of Galapagos heads for more exclusive destinations and shows its passengers twice as much in the same time. And large expedition vessels can’t enter the shallow paradisiacal bays where we drop the anchor.


It is true that most exceptional islands are somewhat farther away, but these are also more exclusive, beyond the reach of day tours. These distances are no problem for both powerful engines of Treasure of Galapagos, reaching the next site before sunrise (Routes A and B often even before midnight!). You will awake refreshed and full of energy to start a brand new day full of unforgettable experiences.


Bringing nature even more to life

Without doubt your on board naturalist guide is the crucial pivot for your experience in Galapagos. Being a first-class yacht, Treasure of Galapagos, contracts only best of National Park certified guides (Class III or II). Our experts use their wide experience to lead the excursions, to search and identify species and point out interesting details; besides taking care for your safety and compliance of indispensable conservation rules.


Above all our guides share their knowledge, love and respect for Galapagos’ stunning ecosystem. Their inspiring explanations (in English and Spanish) and fascinating stories about animal behaviour, intriguing ecosystems and survival strategies can bring nature even more to live; not only in the field, but also during lectures or daily briefings aboard. Of course you can consult your guide for personal questions or just to share your curiosity.

Enjoy a more intimate nature experience

Small groups definitely make your nature and cruise experience more intimate and profound. Thanks to a maximum number of only 16 passengers aboard M/C Treasure of Galapagos, your naturalist guide can easily respond to different individual interests. You can also hear him/her loud and clear in the field.


Both our smaller inflatable dinghies (‘Zodiacs’ for only 8 passengers each) make boarding and disembarking our catamaran much faster, and increases your chances to spot wildlife during dinghy-rides. On larger expedition vessels different groups have to keep a certain distance, and loose flexibility and valuable excursion time on the islands.

Route & season determine what you will get to see

Unique to Galapagos is that every island harbours distinctive wildlife, and offers varying landscapes and climate zones.


So which wildlife and what animal behaviour you get to see, depends largely on the season and which islands you visit. Each of our three fascinating itineraries gives a different, but excellent impression of Galapagos.



Needless to say that our catamaran also explores the fringes of the archipelago. Exclusive islands such as Española, Isabela and Fernandina are pristine and make you eyewitness of evolution in process. Thanks to their isolated location its natural residents have evolved absolutely independently into new, sometimes bizarre creations.


Think green

Our catamaran has been designed to reduce the impact on the fragile ecosystem. We meet environmental requirements in:


  •  Optimum group size
  •  Fuel efficiency
  •  Noise mitigation
  •  Fresh water conservation
  •  Waste water treatment
  •  Waste management
  •  Non-smoking interior areas
  •  Encouragement of passengers to Think Green themselves



Specially designed for First Class Galapagos cruising

This modern First Class yacht has been built in 2009 and is well maintained (dry dock every second year; scheduled for Aug-Sep 2017).


It is equipped with two powerful engines that give a cruising speed of 9 knots (over 22 km/h; 13.5 mp/h). The crew’s quarters, kitchen and engines are hidden inside both hulls (Lower Deck).


All this makes Treasure of Galapagos not too large to become impersonal, and not too small to feel trapped without comfort.



A once in a lifetime naturalist cruise

Intimacy is precisely what differentiates our catamaran from massive, impersonal cruise ships that navigate the seven seas, and also from a few large expedition vessels in Galapagos.


Your cruise will be an international rendezvous as well. Aboard English/Spanish is spoken. You will share your experience with passengers from all over the world, and may even make new friends!


Our welcoming and helpful staff will do its utmost to convert your once in a lifetime Galapagos cruise into the trip of your life!


Leisure time in an inviting private ambience



Your impressive cabin resembles a floating hotel room with an ample bathroom (for a yacht), private balcony, sitting area, ample storing space, soft carpeting and regular beds.


This inviting private ambiance with inspiring sea view is an ideal place to withdraw for a while, after another impressive excursion (in contrary to common cramped and dark cabins with just a porthole and berths/ bunk beds). You may easily forget the cozy living room and deck terraces with comfortable deck chairs and our Jacuzzi!

Delicious food: Get your mouth watering

Our professional cook and kitchen help will treat you with substantial breakfast, and mouth-watering warm lunches and dinners, all served in abundant buffet style.


The galley (kitchen) will keep you surprising with a varied menu of local and international dishes with at least two choices (usually fish, chicken or meat), rice/potatoes/pasta and various vegetables and salads.


Our food is healthy and delicious; special meals (vegetarian or other diet wishes) are available upon previous request at no extra cost. In between snacks and juices are being served.


Meanwhile our captain navigates safely to next destination

While enjoying carelessly the leisure ambience on board, you can trust that the captain and his competent crew continuously guard your safety on board. They are always there to help you in and out safely when boarding and disembarking, or driving the inflatable dinghies (‘Zodiacs’) prudently.


Many zones of Galapagos are near the end of the world and request self-sufficiency. As a matter of course all crewmembers have first aid knowledge.


Your naturalist guide and captain are trained to deal with eventual medical or other emergencies aboard. The bridge keeps always radio contact with the outside world.



Closer to nature than ever before!

A cruise through the Galapagos Archipelago is a unique experience that you won't easily forget. The great outdoors of this National Park form an unrivalled destination for wildlife and bird observation. You will be impressed while spotting, approaching and photographing its incredibly tame and prosperous forms of life. You will be closer to nature than ever before!


Galapagos is located right on the equator, about 900kms/550mi out off the Pacific coast of Ecuador (South America). Nature on these remote islands and in their surrounding waters is so strange, diverse and abundant, that Galapagos is often praised as one of the most impressive and magical eco-destinations in the world; together with – but totally different than – the Amazon Rainforest, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Great Barrier Reef and the African Savannah's.


By the way, since your are here: what about upgrading your great outing with a stay in one of the comfortable lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon as well?



You’re only once in Galapagos!

Our shortest routes give an excellent impression of this unique 'laboratory of evolution' in case you have little time, or if you are on a limited budget. But please realize that you can impossibly see all highlights in just a few days. On the other hand you probably will visit Galapagos only once in a lifetime… Really every island is distinctive and well-worth a visit, with different landscapes and an ever-changing spectrum of adapted species.


When you want to get the maximum out of your cruise and explore practically every corner of the archipelago to enjoy its extremely varied spectrum, we do suggest to consider extending your cruise by combining our routes (4-14 nights). Longer cruises

Distinctive routes through Galapagos for everyone

Motor Catamaran Treasure of Galapagos cruises around the great outdoors of the unparalleled Archipelago of Galapagos, where you certainly will keep going from one surprise into the other! Each day we anchor at two carefully selected visitor's sites and organize at least two excursions. Our balanced excursion program (included in our cruise price!) is packed with activities to observe nature from different perspectives; as well with leisure time.


Each of our three fascinating itineraries gives a different, but excellent impression of the islands and visits some of most popular sites. These routes can be smoothly combined to a complete cruise of 8, 10 up to 14 nights aboard. It is up to you to select which itinerary best suits your wishes, interests and physical/medical condition; we kindly help to simplify your choice by sharing our professional expertise. Route A – and our classic Route B usually as well – consists of relatively short and smooth navigations; while Route C has an even stronger flavour of comfortable exploring.

Master suite: excellent choice for your romantic getaway!

Located on the Main Deck, just below the bridge, our enormous and elegant master suite is twice as large (40 m2/ 430 ft2) as the average suites, and may optionally be used as a family suite (king size double bed & two additional sofa-beds in its private living room).


The master suite offers a distinctive modern interior design with separate resting and sleeping areas, a larger bathroom than other suites, a special welcome gift including a bottle of wine and other amenities, and has magnificent panoramic view and light coming from both sides from its two private balconies! Simply put, an excellent choice for your romantic getaway, or to have the whole family on the same space without losing comfort.

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